Marshal Lion Airdrop

Marshal Lion Airdrop

Marshal Lion Airdrop is worth ~$30 in 120 MLGC tokens. 

About Marshal Lion Group

Marshal Lion with its registered seat in Warsaw is a company that holds extensive experience and a perfect understanding of the Polish non-bank lending market.

Tokens offered by Marshal Lion constitute an attractive asset to supplement the portfolio of every investor who knows the principles of diversification and is looking for a stable instrument from the non-bank loans sector that was previously difficult to access. The fact that the token is based on the actual value of products available in the platform, based on loans and the forecasted interest revenues, coupled with the effectiveness of Marshal Lion in terms of achieving goals, guarantee the position and reputation of the token.

You can check the token Whitepaper here and website here.

Required Tools: Telegram, Twitter, Mail, Facebook, Reddit, Youtube, and Linkedin.

Step-by-Step Guide to claiming Marshal Lion Airdrop:

  1. Follow Marshal Lion on Twitter and Retweet any tweet with the hashtags #MarshalLionIEO #MarshalLionGroupCoin.
  2. Like Marshal Lion Facebook page and Like, repost any post with the tag of their FB and with the hashtag #MarshalLionIEO #MarshalLionGroupCoin.
  3. Subscribe them on Reddit & Vote and share the post.
  4. Join their Telegram Group.
  5. Subscribe their Youtube Channel and Like their two videos.
  6. Give likes on LinkedIn for any post and make a repost with the hashtag #MarshalLionIEO #MarshalLionGroupCoin.
  7. Follow them on Medium.
  8. Now, send an email with your Name, Links and your ERC20 wallet to this email address: [email protected]
  9. You will receive 120 MLGC ($30) tokens.

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